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Seeding Inspection System "Elsys"

WHAT FOR?                                                                                   

Often, after the passage of the seeding system remain don't sown rows. The reason - the clogging seed tube. Based on the seeding rate - 200 kg of wheat per 1 ha - losses due to a clogged seed tube amount at harvest 3,000 kg of grain per 8-hour shift or an area of 100 ha. And that does not include amortization of equipment, salaries and fuel. Application of the control system of seeding "Elsys " allows you maximize crop area and significantly increase profits. Our system immediately indicates on silted seed tube. There is no need to get a tool to determine which seed tube is necessary for troubleshooting.

(comparison of loss on sowing to the cost of seeding control).

Variant for seeding system (grain):
Average production of the seeding system in a day - 70 ha
Average percentage of crops - 7 percent
Yields - 20 cwt (2000 kg) with 1 ha
The purchase price of grain - 0,26 $ / kg
70 ha per day * 7per cent * of 2000 kg from 1 ha *0.26$/kg = 2.548 $
Payback (including the cost of installation to the client) control seed system - 2-5 days of sowing.


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