Information about errors is stored in the memory of the control system of seeding "PREMIUM" for analysis and control of tractor-driver's actions with a signal fault. The information conveniently transferred to a computer with a help of flash-card (format Excel). With the help of the event log you can control the operation of tractor driver. The event log displays all of fault seeding. According to the customer request in the production system is set the time filter of the displayed events. For example, to display all the faults with a duration of more than 3 or 5 minutes. The seed monitoring system "PREMIUM" recognizes the flux density of seeds. Indicates not only the complete absence of seed flow, but also about the partial reduction of the flux density of seeds in each seed tube, which provide uniform harvest seedlings. Any seeding rate. The inclusion of the movement of seeds in the seed tube. Connectors of the maximum class reliability for civil purposes help quickly produce reliable replacement, including in the field.

The control system of seeding "PREMIUM" monitors the following components:
- fans (on pneumatic seeding machine, max - 3);
- state of electric clutch;
- seeding shafts (max - 8 pcs.);
- clogging seed tube (max 256 seed tube);
- the level of seed and fertilizer in hoppers (max - 8);
Variants of sensors
in the Elsys-Premium:
applied to the seed tube with an inner diameter of 25 mm. 2 pairs eyes.  The signal directly from the transmitter to the receiver. Eyes are protected transparent insert.
Metal tube protects the eyes sensors from the impact. Signal reflected from the wall of seed tube.
applied to the seed tube with an outer diameter of 31-33 mm. 1 pair eyes.  The signal directly from the transmitter to the receiver.
ODS 4R-T (optical)
ODS 3R-N (optical)
ODS 3R-R (optical)
UDS 1R-N (blow)
Low price. Signals when the seeds do not beat the tube. Does not react to light seeds. Ideal for sifted seeds without stones, etc.
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